Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

I picked this book out of the shelf at Basement Books on a whim – I have a certain preference for French literature. Nausea is ‘a seminal work of contemporary literary philosophy [which] evokes and examines the dizzying angst that can come from simply trying to live.’


Sartre developed the philosophical attitude of existentialism, which, in a nutshell, is the belief that in life, you must confront and deal with the meaninglessness inherent in living, but not succumbing to the despair that is commonly associated with this realisation, and not giving up or avoiding responsibility of your actions. It’s pretty heavy stuff. It’s only 250-odd pages long, and it’s not a tough read. The ideas are evocative and it tugs at the cords in my mind. I’ve always had a thing for philosophy, I might study it in uni or something.


I’m also glad it fits in with my Extension English module of Modernism at school. It has all the stream-of-consciousness, alienation-from-society, epiphany sort of stuff modernism encompasses. Yay for me!

If you’ve ever read the ABOUT section of my right sidebar, you’ve probably wondered about that quote. “I do not exist, therefore I am a moustache.” It’s from this book. It’s also taken entirely out of context. I guess that’s why I like it.

Oh yeah, you can buy the book here.

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